Second Life Take Over Rumors…

Here is an interesting rumor and a potentially large game-changer in the virtual world space. It is rumored at the web site metaverselyspeaking web site that News Corp might be taking over Second Life.

Here is a quote from the article.

Rumours are rife inside the Lab at the moment of the prospect of a takeover which will see News Corp. adding Second Life to their already wide-spanning media portfolio. The inside scoop is that the new viewer and new user experience had to be rolled out quickly as a condition of any deal, as the potential new owners want to be sure that SL will not suffer from stagnant members, as News Corp. found after their acquisition of MySpace.

But please be careful with rumors. As it was rumored a while ago also that Microsoft was buying Second Life and it would no longer support SL on the Mac.

So while I haven’t seen any official notice or indication that Linden Labs is shopping around Second Life or that anyone is purchasing the product, the rumors do seem to be adding up. Most of the time rumors are based on some shred of truth so…perhaps Linden is shopping around Second Life?

Keep your ears and eyes open and let me know if you know anything!

Thanks to Mal Burns, Mark Oehlert and Clark Quinn for the heads up via twitter.
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  1. Karl Kapp April 27, 2010

    Yes, I've been a victim of an April Fool's prank…good for the prankester but still…the concept is interesting, perhaps an entertainment company may be looking at virtual worlds of a government focused organization. After all, SAIC did purchase Forterra.

    Well, happy belated April Fools to everyone.

  2. Prad Prathivi April 3, 2010

    I'm afraid you have.. 😉

  3. Karl Kapp April 2, 2010

    Still trying to figure out if I've been "had" by the April Fool Fairy??

  4. DDillon April 1, 2010

    very humorous.

  5. MaggieL April 1, 2010

    It's a great April Fool's stunt if so. But if News Corp were to actually buy SL I would laugh for hours at the copious liberal squawking that would ensue…

Karl Kapp
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