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Yesterday, graduate student Matt Monahan and I presented at the Training 2008 conference. Our topic was “Learning in 3D.” We had a great group of attendees who stayed with us for the entire 3 hours with no break. We had a lot to cover from how to navigate in Second Life to simple scripting with building, teleporting and designing Second Life training solutions in between.

Usually I travel alone so having someone with me was a big help in terms of preparing for the presentation and helping to guide the presentation. Matt did a great job presenting. He was poised and well spoken and he knows Second Life very well.

Participants pose for a picture.

One audience member gave a great account of how he is using Second Life to reproduce a critical incident at a power plant. He explained how employees receive an email about a failure at a power plant due to a malfunction of a generator. Each person then must enter into a conference room in Second Life just as they would drive or fly to the plant that had the failure. The group then meets with the company representatives in a conference room and is able to bring up specs for the plant and images in world. The team then goes out to the plant and looks at the generator to see if they can identify the cause of the problem.

They even have the ability to lift off the top of the generator and look inside to see what caused the explosion and malfunction. The team can examine parts, look for signs of wear and identify other issues that may have caused the problem. Once they think they have enough information, they present their findings to the group back in the virtual conference room.

This is the first of many scenarios this Fortune 500 company is creating to leverage the ability to simulate and interact in real time in the Second Life environment.
Matt answering questions about Second Life in this hands-on session.

So thanks to Matt for helping out with the presentation and doing such a great job and thanks to the audience members for all the wonderful ideas and hope to see you in world!

Not suprisingly, an issue many of these people had is trying to the idea internally. Many of them mentioned the boomer/gamer knowledge gap and in several cases describe a senior management that does even turn on a computer…tough for that group to grasp something like Second Life…tough indeed.

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