Sneak Peak at My DevLearn Presentation

This year for DevLearn I was asked to do a feature presentation on Matching the Right Content to the Right Instructional strategy. Here is the time, date and description…

2:45 PM – 3:45 PM Wednesday, October 29

What is the best way to design instruction for today’s technology tools, for stand-up instruction, and for eLearning? Many designers struggle to answer that question because you must match the right learning content with the right instructional strategy and design instruction in a way that ensures it will “stick” with the learner. Often, this matching can be the difference between success and failure of a learning program. In this interactive session you will learn simple techniques instructional designers use to create compelling and meaningful instruction based on applying proper instructional strategies and techniques to specific types of content. You will explore examples demonstrating how to match content with the right learning strategy that range from creating stories to developing analogies to properly chunking factual content. You will discover how to leverage the correct matching of content to your instructional strategy to create effective, engaging learning opportuniti

To address this issue, the audience members are going to become detectives to figure out what type of content Larry was learning and what would have been the best strategy as opposed to the one that eventually got Larry. There will be a surprise twist ending which should be fun as well.

The presentation is primarily based on the content in this article.

The presentation both models the elements discussed within the presentation and serves as an example of how to integrate interactivity and immersion in a typical classroom setting. It’s not quite ready but getting close. It is a fine line between providing the educational elements and making the presentation engaging.

What happened to solve the case.

What happened to Larry…help solve the case.

During the presentation, the detectives will complete the form below and learn valuable ways of matching different types of content such as declarative knowledge or problem solving with the appropriate strategy.

Matching the Right Content to the Right Strategy

Matching the Right Content to the Right Strategy

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