Summer Academy 2008 Bloomsburg University

Even after a long day, the audience of college faculty members of the PA State System of Higher Education asked insightful questions about “digital diversity”.

Last night, I had the privilege to speak with a group of my colleagues from universities across the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. Each year the system holds a Summer Academy that discusses issues regarding teaching and learning and this year the conference was held at Bloomsburg University with the topic of “Teaching Diverse Learners.”

My role was to speak on the topic of “Understanding Digital Diversity.” I really enjoy speaking with academics because they always ask insightful and thought provoking questions and challenge assumptions and ideas so that it is a real intellectual exchange of information and not a one-way monologue. Last night was no exception with brilliant questions concerning all aspects of understanding “digital natives.” I used the TurningPoint audience response system and we were able to get some very thought provoking responses and clear up some misconceptions about the “gamer” generation of college students. Additionally, the each received a copy of Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning and even an associated homework assignment…honestly the homework was not my idea.

We discussed the use of 3D virtual worlds like Second Life, podcasting content, the use of Wikipedia in the classroom and games and simulations for the classroom. I really enjoyed the presentation and meeting wonderful people.

In fact, I met a colleague from Bloomsburg University who I never met before… but he works in the same building on the same floor as I do. It took this workshop for us to meet. David is doing some really innovative work with blogs in his classroom.

I also met Matrin Rayala who writes a blog called andDesign. If you have a chance, check out his blog really great stuff on all types of design topics. Just scroll down the page for wonderful information.

In the discussion I mentioned a few items and the links are below.

PB Wiki

Here are a couple of posts about cross-generational teaching:

Consider Generational Learning Styles and Tools
Technology Shapes Generations

Also, here is a post about opening up my class up to the “at large” blog community which I did last summer.

Tear Down the Walls: Web 2.0 Extends Class

If you were at the presentation last night, please leave a comment:) Thanks for a wonderful event.

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