Objective of the Seminar:

This exciting, dynamic seminar provides attendees with a number of proven techniques to help them focus their E-Technology implementation on the important issues-people and processes. Attendees will learn the proper steps necessary to achieve implementation success.

Material to Be Covered:

The decision to purchase an E-Technology system (e-learning, e-commerce, ERP) is the easy part; it’s effective implementation is hard.

Instances of an projects being behind schedule and over budget occur with alarming frequency, as do cases of company’s spending thousands of dollars on a system and only using 15 percent of its features. Yet some companies are extremely successful with their implementations. Why do some companies achieve success while others fail? The answer is simple. Successful companies strive to first understand their internal learning processes and procedures, then simplify them, and only then do they attempt automation. These organizations follow the USA Principle-Understand, Simplify, and then Automate. Unsuccessful companies start with automation ignoring the critical steps of “Understanding” and “Simplifying.”

This seminar provides attendees with specific implementation techniques and methods to help with the difficult but essential process of implementing an E-Technology system. This seminar opens with a discussion of implementation “horror” stories followed by a discussion of success stories. The instructor explains why some implementations are successful and others are not.

The seminar is divided into three main sections after the introduction. The first section contains information on how an organization can gain an understanding of its internal processes. Several techniques will be discussed and illustrated. Learners will actually participate in an interactive exercise where they will be asked to utilize one of the techniques to diagram their organization’s learning processes. Next the seminar will focus on simplification. The attendees will be asked to analyze the processes they just diagramed and determine areas to simplify or eliminate. Five specific simplification methods will be presented and discussed. The conclusion will be a discussion on avoiding automation pit-falls when implementing an e-Learnng system. Unfortunately, many organizations are seduced by the sizzle of the technology while they should really be paying attention to software functionality.

Benefits Attendees will Gain by Attending this Seminar:

  • Analyze your business processes to eliminate waste.
  • Diagram your internal processes to find opportunities for improvement.
  • Save your company valuable time and money.
  • Increase the probability of implementation success.
  • Reduce implementation costs.
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