Thinking about Badges and Learning

The other day some one asked me about badges and learning. Here are some thoughts on the subject.

1) Badging is good for indicating non-linear knowledge acquisition. Leveling tends to build upon the previous skills.

2) Badging can serve two purposes. One is to micro-credential a person. This means that the badge certifies that someone can do what they need to do. It is a validation and verification of actual knowledge. The other is simply a recognition that the person took part in a certain activity or attended a certain event (more as a simple recognition).

3) Here are some badging software that might be helpful (not at all a comprehensive list).

Mozilla Open Badges
– WordPress related achievements at Achievements for WordPress

4) Here is a video on badging in organizations.

5) Digital Badging at Penn State

6) HOW TO: Properly Use Badges To Engage Customers

7) Creating Relevant Badges in Gamification

8) What Counts as Learning: Open Digital Badges for New Opportunities

9) Digital Badges: An Annotated Research Bibliography v1

10) Another video on Badging

11) Educause Badging! (may have missed this in my first post, now updated!)

12) Also, just learned about eNetBadges. eNetBadges™ is a digital accreditation tool which recognizes learning experiences and achievement. The system uses Mozilla OpenBadges software, delivering badges which are compliant with the Open Badges standard.

So some random elements and ideas about badging. What is missing and what should I add.

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