Thoughts on Creating a Virtual Lab

One instructional technique used frequently in the simulation/game arena is the creation of a virtual lab. Here are some thoughts on creating an effective virtual lab.

  • A good method to create a virtual simulation is to create something with different levels to allow learners different entry points into the simulation.
  • The first level would be a demonstration in which the simulation performs the task being requested and shows the learner what needs to be done.
  • The second level would be guided practice. In this case, the simulation walks the learner through the process while allowing the learner to interact with the simulation.
  • The final level is a sandbox or test level. In this level, the learner is not given any hints or assistance. He or she simply uses the simulation and then the simulation evaluates the learner’s performance and, possibly, even provides a score of some sort.
  • It is also a good idea to present the learner with a series of challenges or objectives they must achieve while using the simulation/game. This provides clear objectives and instructional goals.
  • To further enhance the learner’s learning experience, placing the tensile testing into the context of an “on-the-job” application would ground the experience in a career related application.

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  1. Rano Singh Sidhu December 9, 2011

    Can you kindly point to an example for use in math conversions? Thank you
    Rano Singh
    Phoenix College

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