Insightful, Thought Provoking Videos about Transmedia Storytelling

Here are some videos about transmedia storytelling. A few of the videos tend to be more focused on marketing of products using transmedia but could transmedia be used for learning and instruction? There is one video of an experience of students in Florida that does link it to education and one about using it for training within corporate organizations. How can transmedia storytelling be used to propel learners into an immersive experience that helps them retain knowledge and change behavior?

Henry Jenkins recently published his Seven Core Concepts of Transmedia Storytelling from his talk at the Futures of Entertainment conference.

I think it is possible, probably and desirable to take some of our learning content and deliver it via transmedia storytelling. If you are doing something like this, please let me know I’d be interested in learning more.

The first video takes the classic Cinderella fairy tale story and turns it into a transmedia event.

In this video, don’t think about Coke or about brands, think about learning content and think of how corporate learning messages can be spread through storytelling.

Educational Application of Transmedia storytelling taking place in Florida.

In Depth Video on Topic

If you want a more in depth treatment of the subject, this is a good video to view.

The Future of Storytelling: Immersion, Integration, Interactivity, Impact

5 Lessons for Storytellers from the Transmedia World

Application to Learning

Notes on Anders Gronstedt’s Talk

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  1. Connie Jordan-Carmichael September 29, 2014

    Transmedia storytellingrequires the same planning. You have to know your audience and what will resonate to get them excited to participate in the conversation.

  2. Mark D September 23, 2014


    Appreciate these resources, they are good. Thanks for sharing your passion and your power of expression.

    Thanks Again,


Karl Kapp
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