Tools of Engagement Slides from Texas Distance Learning Session

Here are some slides and information covered in my presentation at the Texas Distance Learning Association conference. I’ve included the slides from the presentation and slide on using PollEverywhere and writing directly in PowerPoint in slideshow mode.


Here is an article on my process. It’s called Gamification via Segmented Polls.

Additional Resources for Educators

Here are some resources I’ve created to help educators in a variety of areas. And since, most academic institutions have access to, the courses are (usually) free. Enjoy!

Here is a course called Core Strategies for Teaching in Higher Ed which covers everything from time management for professors to integrating alumni into your course to balancing the service, teaching and research commitments.

Here is a course to help you write successful grant applications for both higher education. It’s called simply Grant Writing for Education.

Here is a “nuts-and-bolts” course. A fundamental course about the writing of a syllabus. It is an often overlooked element in preparing to teach. Learn “How to Write a Syllabus” with this course.

When you are in the classroom or teaching online, you may want to find new and interesting ways to engage students. Here is a course titled How to Increase Learner Engagement which provides ten great ideas for breaking away from the lecture and working toward engaging students on a meaningful level.

If you are thinking about being more adventurous in your teaching, think about gamifying some of your instruction. Start small and then add more and more game elements. It’s effective from a learning perspective and really engages students. If you are not sure where to start, check out “The Gamification of Learning.” It will help you think through the gamification process and to create meaningful gamified instruction. Here is a sneak peak.

Good luck and keep up the great focus on distance education, hybrid approaches and helping students be the best they can be now and in the future.

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