Touch Enabled 3D Collaboration

My friends over at Proton Media continue to do great things in the 3D space, just recently they announced the latest version of ProtoSphere, the first enterprise-ready 3D virtual collaboration environment optimized for touch-enabled devices like iPad, Microsoft Surface Pro, and even Perceptive Pixel. So you can now have a 3D virtual experience from your own tablet or iPad.

3D worlds and environments are ideal for collaboration and provide rich environments to foster innovation and working together across geographical boundaries. If you are looking for new ways to collaborate with your globally distributed team, check out 3D collaboration tools.

Here is a video showing some of the highlights of ProtoSphere and showing some of what it can do in terms of collaboration:

Here is a video about ProtoSphere for Windows 8

ProtoSphere offers some great new features such as:

  • Microsoft Lync 2013 integration
  • Ability to view web-based content on Media Boards
  • Versatile displays that support consistent views of content across multiple devices
  • Access to SharePoint document libraries
  • Ability to play live or stored video

ProtoSphere, coupled with Microsoft’s latest innovations, brings professionals together from all over the world to a more effective, persistent, 3D environment for learning and collaboration.

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