Training 2015 Conference: eLearning Maker Faire Resources

Welcome and excited you will take part in the eLearning Maker Faire at Training 2015. Before the conference, you need to download the following to your laptop or mobile device.

Microsoft PowerPoint (Version 2010 or later)
Codebaby (Please Download the Free 30 day Trial)
Stencyl (Please Download Stencyl 3.2 Starter)
Also, for Stencyl please download this file: Link to Work Files for Stencyl.
GoAnimate (Download Free 14 day trial)

Please download Audacity and create a short introductory script as an audio file. We will use this file in one of our “crafts” at the Maker Faire. Below is a sample, say what you’d like…about 30 seconds or so.
Download Audacity here.

Sample script:
Hello, my name is and I’d like to welcome you to this learning session. In this session, you will learn information about . This information will provide you with all you need to know. As you can see, I am an animated character who can move an interact with the learner in a variety of manners. My gestures are programmed to look realistic and to provide you with the feeling of interaction with an actual person. It turns out that interacting with an avatar has a number of instructional advantages. One advantage is that learners tend to perform better when they are “accountable” to an on-screen characters. Another advantage is that it keeps the learner engaged and immersed in the instruction. The on screen character provides the interaction that is often lost in characterless, faceless elearning.

Directions for Creating an Audio File are below:

The session is as follows:
We will have a brief introduction. After the introduction, you will be divided into 4 groups. Each group will go to a different station for 30 minutes, after 30 minutes, the groups will switch to another station. The larger group will reconvene for the last session which will be with the entire group.

Introduction and Set Up -15 minutes
Station One: -30 minutes (we will switch every 30 minutes)
Station Two: -30 minutes
Station Three: -30 minutes
Station Four: -30 minutes
Station Five -30 minutes (group reconvene)
Conclusion -15 minutes

Instructions and Resources:
Here are the resources we will use for the Maker Faire.

HERE is a link to the type of GoAnimate video you will learn to make. GoAnimate Video

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