Typing of the Dead: Not for the Faint of Heart or Slow Typist

Learning to type can be boring (oh, sorry now its called “Keyboarding”)…while killing zombies is generally considered fun …so many years ago after what must have been careful consideration and an examination of pedagogy, some one at Sega asked the question what if the two were combined? And the rest is, as they say, history.

The combination created many moons ago resulted in a fun and quirky game that is educational without a real emphasis on education…in fact if you aren’t careful you’ll forget the game is reinforcing your typing (oh sorry) keyboarding skills. You are so engaged in the flow of the game, you forget it is designed to teach you a specific skill.

Type fast or die

Here is what the GameSpot review said of the game:

The Typing of the Dead is an offbeat first-person puzzle-action game for the PC that lets you fight hordes of gruesome zombies by quickly typing out words that appear onscreen….once you start playing, you’ll be too busy frantically typing away at zombies to care about anything else. Every time an enemy appears onscreen, it’s accompanied by a word or phrase that you must type in quickly and accurately to defeat it. This might not sound too interesting, but things can get very exciting when three or four angry zombies–each bearing a long, challenging phrase–suddenly leap out at you from all sides…The Typing of the Dead is an unusual game that might not have amazing graphics or sound, but its gameplay is unique and extremely fun.

So while the game is not really appropriate for school or even most work places, it is appropriate for reinforcing or developing your keyboarding skills without giving any thought to your keyboarding skills. Here is a brief video to give you a feel for the game.

And although the game is a bit dated, it is still fun, interesting and a great example of how a skill can be taught through a video game without the learner even thinking twice about the skill being taught.


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