Uncharted Drake’s Fortune

I received a number of interesting games and gadgets for Christmas, didn’t spend nearly enough time playing them but I did want to give, over the next few days, some impressions of the games and gadgets.

First the game Uncharted Drake’s Fortune from developer Naughty Dog is impressive. It reminds me of the first time I saw Myst and was drawn into the word. This game is the same way. It just draws the player into the world of the game, you scream, wince and react to what is happening around you. The adventure is engaging because the story is interesting and filled with twists and turns.

It makes me think of a well designed learning simulation because the same elements are needed. A good story (no, an excellent story), compelling content, interesting twists and turns and specific goals that can be reach more than one way. Can a business simulation ever be that good. I think it can.

Look at the business lessons (maybe pseudo lessons) of the Apprentice. I think that shows with a business topic can have a “mass audience” appeal and that a video game build along those same themes can be successful and some clever video game company will figure that out.

In the meantime, play Drake’s Fortune and, while having fun, focus on the elements that make it engaging and interesting and consider how they can be added to your online learning in 2008.


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