Washington DC Keynote Notes

Recently I was in the DC area doing a keynote and wanted to include some notes and the slides from the presentation and ask those who attended to stop by this blog and make a comment and answer the questions at the end of the post (others can answer also…not trying to exclude anyone)

Here are the slides from the presentation:

Here is a blog entry about “Learning as a process

In discussing learning as a process, I mentioned the 8:45 Club. Here is the link.

Also, here are some statistics about Web 2.0 and Social Media in a post called Random Web 2.0 Statistics.

And here are some ideas for selling social media for learning.

Here is a link to an online presentation about “thinking visually” called Avoiding Death by PowerPoint. For more ideas on thinking visually, check out this post by Zaid called The Very Best from ZaidLearn which has a great visual presentation.

Here is a link to a number of presentation-focused presentation resources (if that makes sense)

Here is a link for using Games, Gadgets and Gizmos for Learning with examples of some interesting game.

Here is a link to the Facebook page of Learning in 3D.

Here is a link to a post describing how many different organizations are using Wikis to foster collaboration and learning called Pedia Palooza (ok, maybe not the best name for a post)

Miscellaneous Items:

Ingredients of a Big Mac
Sprint Now Network Commercial with Flava Flav


What is one thing you can do to become a facilitator of learning?

What is one technique you can borrow from another industry to add to your training toolkit?

Name one thing you will do differently as a result of this conference?

Jump In-Action Items:

So here is a little homework.

1) Comment on a blog.
2) Send a Tweet.
3) Dis-assemble your favorite training course and think of breaking into small 15 minute chunks
4) Start your class with the culminating activity.
5) Consult with a student or someone who wants training, ask 5 questions before giving any answers.

Catalog of Recommended Books, Games and Gadgets
Recommended Games and Gadgets
Recommended Books
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