What to Wear to a Virtual World Job Interview

Perhaps a little too over
the top for a job interview.

You have probably been wondering what you should wear in case you ever went on a virtual world job interview. I know its been keeping me awake at night.

In fact, I once went to a virtual interview to talk about the Learning in 3D book and was told to “put some shoes on” apparently even in the virtual world, “no shoes, no shirt–no service still applies.”

Here is an interesting and thought provoking article by Maria Korolov over at Hybergrid Business which provides some ideas on dressing for success…virtually.

1. A suit and tie is appropriate (always) but Maria also indicates that sometimes casual slacks and shirts, or skirts and blouses, are fine. And, please don’t show up in a character costume!

2. Try to dress for your target audience, research the company a little bit before you decide what to wear.It is a casual company, then slacks (and, apparently, shoes).

A little more traditional
dress for the critical interview.

3. Your avatar doesn’t have to look exactly like you in terms of age, weight, hair. As stated in the article “virtual worlds are very lacking in bald, old, overweight avatars. So we all have to suffer with looking young and attractive.” So it is ok to be a leaner, better looking version of yourself.

4.Bring props. Maria suggests you bring a “presentation stand, and upload images of your resume, photographs you’ve taken, copies of marketing materials you’ve produced, or recent articles.” In other words have a virtual portfolio ready to show.

Check out the entire article for youself at What to wear to a virtual job interview.

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  1. Karl Kapp September 29, 2010

    I know, I know I really need to get away from the default "look" and move up a notch:)

  2. lucrezia September 29, 2010

    No offense to the author, but it also might help to look a little less like a noob. Sites like http://fabfree.wordpress.com/ have links to good quality free skins, hair and clothes, many of which would be entirely appropriate for interviews and work!

  3. Dana September 29, 2010

    This is great advise. I never thought of a virtual interview, but what a great way to have a first interview (as oppose to a phone interview). I would think, like you said, the same rules apply, suite (tie for men) and come prepared. Instead of having hard copies, bring soft copies to discuss!!! Besides, who wouldn't want to pretend their leaner/more attractive than they are! đŸ™‚

Karl Kapp
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