Wii Fit: A Parody

So the Wii Fit is out. I’ve written before about getting exercise with the Wii. Check out Get People Moving…have them play a Video Game

But for a fun laugh check out this great parody of the Wii Fit. Funny stuff.

Although, on a sadder note, doesn’t the parody remind you of the hype of “oh-so-many” training programs dreamed up by management?

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  1. Ryan L. sittler July 28, 2008

    This was funny… BUT… considering that I used to pay a personal trainer about $40 a session… and Wii Fit offers 70% of the things that HE was doing with me… with some extra cardio and weight training thrown in… Wii Fit is actually a REALLY good tool.

    All that balance, yoga, and stretching is actually an important part of a workout routine… to help reduce imbalances in the systemic aspect of how your body works and moves…
    don’t knock Wii Fit. 😉

  2. J Ramos July 26, 2008

    Dr. Kapp that parody was hilarious! I never thought about it in that manner. I own a Wii and for whatever reason thought I wanted one of those Wii Fit little white things you stand on.

  3. christytucker July 25, 2008

    I laughed out loud. Thank you!

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