Wii to the Rescue…Wii Causes Injury…Infinite Loop

Yet, another great use for video games. This time the Wii console is used for helping to re-hab from injury…so much more fun than swimming lap after lap in a pool.

Check out the article Break a leg? Try ‘Wiihabilitation’

As the article states:

[Use of the Wii] is fast becoming a craze in rehab therapy for patients recovering from strokes, broken bones, surgery and even combat injuries…Using the game console’s unique, motion-sensitive controller, Wii games require body movements similar to traditional therapy exercises. …patients become so engrossed mentally they’re almost oblivious to the rigor.

How does this use track with the story below from from the parody site Wii have a problemAs the story states:

“I’ve had my Wii for 3 weeks now. I’ve been playing just long enough to discover that you can do some cool moves in Wii sports, tennis. High underhand balls, smashes and screw-balls. I was practicing the screw-balls with great empathy and excitement. Suddenly I bang the Wiimote up in my ceiling lamp which is made of glass, and cut my index finger all the way to the bone.” -David from Denmark

Do those individuals being injured by the Wii use the Wii for rehab? is that some kind of infinite loop? You tell me?

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  1. Karl Kapp March 20, 2008

    I agree, the wii and its interface are going to change computer/human interfaces. It starts with the toys and goes from thier.

  2. christytucker March 18, 2008

    My doctor has obviously been reading about the benefits of video games recently. She was really excited about the possibilities for the Wii for rehab. She also mentioned research she’d read about surgeons who play video games improving their surgery skills.

    Her kids tell her that she’s the worst Mario player ever though. 🙂

    The Wii really does have so many great possibilities though. I think we’re just scratching the surface right now.

Karl Kapp
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