Workshop Success-Teacher/Technologists Doing Great Work

Yesterday, my 13 yr old son and I presented a workshop sponsored by the Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit to help teachers integrate technology into the schools. It was a great group of teachers who have been designated, through a grant, as master technology educators. Their role is to go back to their school district, building or academic unit and help other teachers integrate technology.

This group is spending a week at Bucknell University learning all about integrating technology into the class room and how the technology functions. They are being worked really hard…up early, sessions running all day and then even after dinner, more sessions.

We had the privilege of providing some information and education about Second Life. My son did an awesome job explaining how to navigate and build in Second Life but did an even better job answering questions and providing a student’s perspective on how he interacts and reacts to SL.

He also had to deal with a resident in SL saying inappropriate things to his avatar in front of the teachers, he handled it brilliantly (no bias here).

We conducted two workshops, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, here are the groups in RL and in SL.
Group One

Now for SL:

Group Two

Now in SL.

I have to say that with the dedicated work of these teacher/technologists from around Pennsylvania and the team at the intermediate unit…technology is reaching the schools and being done professionally and with an eye toward the future…what a great project and group of people. I was glad my son and I had a chance to participate in some small way.

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