Yes, Ok, I Admit, I’ve Stayed at the Mayflower Hotel, but…

No, I am not “Client Number 10” from the infamous Eliot Spitzer scandal.

My stay was perfectly above board. Last year I was a speaker at the Kaplan-EduNeering Knowledge Summit. I spoke on the topic of Games and the Gamer Generation to over 100 people and had a chance to do a book signing.

During the presentation, I brought a Nintendo Wii and asked an audience member to come up on stage and do some “virtual surgery.” Unfortunately, she lost the patient.

Performing virtual surgery with the Wii.

We discussed how games are converging with haptic devices and how that is creating highly realistic scenarios for learning. We also dicussed the future of learning and how it will change based on a heavy influence from gaming technologies.

Here I am signing Gadgets, Games and Gizmos.

I also discussed how the upcoming generations’ views of video games and the Internet and Web 2.0 technologies. As well as thier high comfort level with technology.

I met some really great people at the conference and had some great conversations.

What reminded me of this incident (the presentation)? Currently, I am in San Franciso at the Kaplan-EduNeering Life Sciences Knowledge Exchange talking about Trends in Learning Managment and having a great time with EduNeering clients and learning how they are deploying Compliance Wire and other tools to improve thier operations and, again…signing books:)

Here I am in San Fran signing books for a great audience.

So, yes I was at the Mayflower but for a much different reason than the former-Governor.

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