ATDTK Presentation Notes, Slides and Resources

Here are slides, links notes and other items of interest related to my presentation at ATD TK.

First the slides.

What is Gamification?


Here is some information on thinking like a game designer. Improve Training: Thinking Like a Game Designer

Here are some elements you can add to your training to elevate the level of engagement. Five Gaming Elements for Effective eLearning

10 Best Practices for Implementing Gamification

8 Game Elements to Make Learning More Intriguing

8 Gamification of Learning Mistakes you Need to Avoid

Here are a few articles about gamification in action.

The Gamification of Retail Safety and Loss Prevention Training

The Gamification of Sales Force Training

The Gamification of mLearning

Gamification Myths Debunked: How To Sidestep Failure And Boost Employee Learning

July 2012 T&D Article: Games, Gamification and the Quest for Interactive Learning

Here is Chapter One of “The Gamification of Learning and Instruction.”Chapter One of the Gamification of Learning and Instruction

Zombie Run!

Blog Posts of Interest

Six Ways Innovation is Stifled in the Learning Field

Six Ways to Foster Innovation in the Learning Field

What Happens in a Story…Happens in Your Brain

Feedback in Learning Games

Three Videos on Educational Creativity

Put Your Learner at Risk

Engage Your Learner: Add Suspense, Mystery, Intrigue

Two Opposite but Important Elements of Learning

Sorry, Games and Gamification are Not Magic

When to Use #Gamification

Teaching Expert Learners

Talking about Life Lessons from Video Games

Check out my Gamification course on

The Gamification of Learning explores how to use game concepts to make your learning design engaging.

The Gamification of Learning explores how to use game concepts to make your learning design engaging.

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To learn more about gamification and games for learning:

Click here to visit a catalog of Resources on this subject.

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