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In Silicon Valley California having a great time conducting a workshop. Great interactions and insights. Here are some resources from the workshop.


Slides on Game Elements

Slides on Motivation I

Slides on Motivation II (In Game Achievements)

Slides on Creating a Design Document

One Page Design Document

Stone Librande on “One-Page Design”

Matching Game Type to Content

Graphic Novels For Learning

Graphic Novel: Cool eBooks for Learning about HIV Prevention

Connect with Haji Kamal

Project Ajax Comic

Finally, The Physics of Super Hero Powers Explained

Instructional Game Design

Top 10 +1 Instructional Game Design Best Practices

Three Videos about Game Design That Can Inspire Instructional Game Design

Tips for Creating an Interactive Learning Event

Three Instructional Game Design Resources

The Emotional Toll of Instructional Games


Skillful Players Can Get Ahead of the Game

Fall 2011 Training Industry Quarterly Article: Improving Training: Thinking Like a Game Developer

July 2012 T&D Article: Games, Gamification and the Quest for Interactive Learning

Fall 2012 Training Industry Quarterly Article 5 Gaming Elements for elearning

Chapter One of the Gamification of Learning and Instruction


Karl Kapp and Gabe Zichermann discuss Gamification of Instructional Design and Learning

Interview with Andrzej Marczewski about Games and Gamification for Learning

If you are interested in an expanded version of the information from above, see the book below. And coming soon The Gamification of Learning and Instruction Fieldbook: Ideas into Practice

Additional Related Books:

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  1. HiSocial September 10, 2013

    Hi Karl,

    Nice list of resources. Your “Slides on Game Elements” is very interesting, especially when you talk about dynamics, mechanics and components.

    thx for sharing

Karl Kapp
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