Old vs New Ways of Thinking About…

Looking at the difference between old and new ways of thinking about knowledge, information, learning, video games and other critical concepts.

Perception of… Old New
Knowledge Structured

(Books, Memos, SOPs)


(IM, Blog, email)

Organizational Structure Hierarchical Team-based Structure Level Playing Field, Equality
Communication Channels Formal

(Face-to-Face, Phone Calls)


(Twitter, Facebook)

Software Applications Interface and Information are Separate Information is the Interface
Career Advancement Patient Ascent Horizontal, Forward, Backward, Not Linear
Learning Environment Classroom E-learning, Google, Wikipedia
Gadgets Fun to have Essential
Video Games Distraction, Entertainment, Waste of Time Way of Life
Information Processing Linear Multitasking
Technology Comfort Level Struggle Ubiquitous
Preferred Learning Formal Informal


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