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It’s been a busy few months. Presenting, speaking and writing on games and gamification. I am in the middle of finishing two Lynda.com courses and finalizing the last chapter of a book about creating instructional games with Sharon Boller, very excited about the book. In the meantime, I’ve been busy with some presentations and interviews about gamification.

Here are my slides from the Life Sciences Trainers and Educators Network (LTEN) conference.
[slideshare id=63089563&doc=lten206ss-160615103846]

I’ve also had the great pleasure of being interviewed for the podcast The Psychology of Video Games created by Jamie Madigan. You can check out the interview here. It is a special bonus interview/podcast so it’s even cooler. He does a great intro with Hogwarts, worth the listen right there. Listen to Podcast 17: Gaming Psychology and Learning

Also, if you are going to be in the Wisconsin area in August stop by the The Distance Teaching & Learning Conference held at UW-Madison. I’ll be keynoting and looking to talk to everyone I can about how to integrate gamification into the classroom. Hope you see you there, check out details here.

If can’t make it to a live event, but want to learn more about gamification here are some resources you may find helpful.


Here is a link to a course on Gamification I authored for Lynda.com

If you are on Lynda.com you can search for the course, it’s a pretty good primer on the concept of gamification.

    Articles of Interest:

If you want to read some articles, check out these.

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8 Gamification of Learning Mistakes You Need to Avoid


Visit www.karlkapp.com for more information on gamification and learning.

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