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Great time at the eLBX Conference. Met up with some old friends and made some new ones. Here are the slides and some resources discussed. Here is a link to the conference.

Click here for a link to the Zombie Instructional Design Card Game and Zombie Sales Card Game.

Here are some resources related to the concepts discussed within the presentation.

Types of Structural Gamification

Game Element: Freedom

Game Element: Fantasy

Game Element: Strategy

Struggling = Learning

Board Games and Card Games: Leading the Learning Game Field in 2018

What’s Old is New Again, Board Games and Card Games for Learning

3 Lessons from Converting a Face-to-Face Role-Play Into an Online Simulation

An Elusive Definition: “Gamification for Learning”

Rules: The Foundation of Games and Gamification for Learning

The Importance of Goals in the Design of Gamification and Games

Three Non-Traditional Gamification Elements for Learning

Games are Valuable in Today’s Corporate Learning Environment

Eight Game Elements to Make Learning More Intriguing

Six Key Gamification Question for Karl Kapp

Game Elements that Support Learning and Instruction

Gamification Myths Debunked: How To Sidestep Failure And Boost Employee Learning

Ten Best Practices for Implementing Gamification

Game-based Learning is NOT Didactic Instruction

7 Things You Should Know about the Gamification of Learning and Instruction

Links to some of the books referenced:

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