TK Session Resources:Thinking Like a Game Designer

Here are some resources related to gamification and, more importantly, thinking like a game designer when creating instruction.

Here are the slides of my keynote.

Also, many people ask me how I am able to add notes directly to PowerPoint. Here are the instructions for performing that activity.

And, here are some additional resources you may find helpful.


First here is a link to a video I did as part of a course on Gamification for now LinkedIn Learning.

You can also find other LinkedIn Learning courses related to interactive learning and gamification.
How to Increase Learner Engagement
Gamification of Learning

Here is a video to share with colleagues to help them understand Gamification.

    Articles of Interest:

Here is an interesting link to an infographic.

Gamification Grows Up

10 Best Practices for Implementing Gamification

Games, Gamification, and the Quest for Learner Engagement.

Gamification Myths Debunked: How To Sidestep Failure And Boost Employee Learning

8 Gamification of Learning Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Here is an article about game design.

Game Time: Developing a Learning Game in 9 Steps

Here are a couple of books on the subject.

Visit for more information on gamification and learning.

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